Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club Championship Show 5th May 2019

It was a very pleasant day at Lancs  & Cheshire Collie club a good entry awaited me, everything was organised in the lovely new venue.

I wish to thank my stewards Viv and Anne which kept things running smoothly.

1.Griffiths Shulune Imperial Galaxy six and half months tri showing a great deal of promise for such baby he stood and showed himself using his ample neck set in to good shoulders .very good body lines presenting a good overall profile, strong backline, he has a very nice head, with parallel planes, well filled skull, good eye  and ear placement,  shown in sparkling condition  his jet black coat simply shone

2. Bodle’s Blamorder New Dawn close up to 1 Sable seven and half months very similar to 1 maybe an inch or so bigger, nothing to dislike in this baby, nice head and expression and moved freely, two very nice exhibits, it will be interesting to watch their progress in future

JuniorDog. 1 Haywards Foxearth Formula one just over a year old ,well developed body but at that in between stage, he has a well filled muzzle and sufficient stop & well filled skull, I would like to see a  tighter lip line in head profile, good ears and responded well to is handler.
2.Waites Koczkodan Midnight Stars. Tri who was taller and bigger all round. Well developed in body although I would prefer a stronger back line, uses himself  in the ring and  definite showman and handled well, rather happy with his tail.

Post Graduate.1.Haywards Foxearth Fly forward. Well made Dark sable who is quite mature and coming into his prime, good depth of rib, excellent body and good bone, moved out well, still needs to finish in head.

Limit Dog.1 Lusty’s Blamorder Bring him Home I love this dogs name.He is a well grown tri boy with a most lovely head, he has  parallel planes and correct stop  well placed eye, giving an enquiring expression, he also has rich tan markings & beautiful ears on top, splendid neck set in good shoulders slightly longer in body than his competitors, excellent movement with good front extension, he is one that will no doubt go further as he  matures. Res CC

Open Dog 1 Haywards Foxearth Fletch When I turned and saw this dog standing he looked a magnificent animal, he is very striking in colour and posture, 21months merle, although he is quite finished in head, he still needs to fill out that little bit more in body lines, he has a tremendous reach of neck, good shoulders, because he is well grown with good bone, he still needs another year or so to come to his best, but he sets quite an imposing figure in the ring his whole stance is stallion like, he has good front & hindquarters, and he moved freely with correct tail carriage, when he was set up looked so grand to win his qualifying CC on the day I was told,  and it was nice to see him compete well against the Rough in the final to take Reserve Best in show.

Bitches. (2) 1. Fort’s Shulune Imperial Seduce Me 6 months baby who has a great deal of promise,tri who was litter sister to the minor puppy dog, in super condition she is well constructed and has good hind angulation ,stood in a pose which enhanced her overall profile, sweet head and eye giving the desired expression, and used her perfectly placed ears, also used her ample neck to show herself. BPIB
2. Williams & Hamilton’s Blamorder Poco Loco this little girl was just a few weeks older  s/w pretty puppy very little between these two puppies, and I am sure they could change places on another day slightly longer and an inch bigger than1,reach of neck &she has a good outline, and. firm quarters.

Juniorb (5) 1. Russell’s Koczkodan Midnight Sun upstanding bitch putting in a good show performance, being longer in vertebrae consequently looked instantly bigger, head handles well, and gave everything to her handler, strode out but rather happy with her tail.
2.Naulls & BarkerFoxearth Fudgewynele well bred young lady responding well for her handler, well bodied and excels in conformation depth and spring of rib, just needs to mature on.
3. Griffiths Foxearth Vanilla Fudge.

PG. (2) (1) Russels 1.Koczkodan Serenity similar remarks apply to Midnight Sun
Longer on the leg and needs more time.

Limit B (4.) 1.Flower’s Breckamore Butterfingers this bitch appealed for her beautiful outline, she is fully mature and create’s an impressive stance in profile,
She uses he ample neck which gives a good overall outlook, I also liked her clean head, correct stop, with parallel planes and well filled skull, she used her ears all the time, she has much to like, although I found her a little round in eye but the placement was correct which won me over.
2. Fort’s ShuluneImperial Design on first impression thought this would be my winner, a very feminine sable who presented a pretty picture,I thought her a nice size she had a good body and depth of rib, with a sweet outlook, she had a good eye and ear placement, but did not use herself the same as Butterfingers,as she had a tendancy to look down into her owners  hands, rather than  using her neck to advantage, nevertheless she is a lovely bitch which will no doubt win well.
3.Oakestelle Artemis

OB.( 5) 1.Lusty’s Ch BlamorderJust my Luck this 4yrsold tri is in her prime
She is beautiful from any angle, instantly appealed for her elegance and correct
Overall balance, in perfect proportion, she excels in neck and back line, depth of rib
So much quality, standing she epitimises class, she has excellent body and bone standing four square and her movement was a joy, she has such a clean well moulded head completly balanced.,with parallel planes correct stop, well filled flat skull and a beautiful eye an expression and alert  ears, it was privilidge to judge her. CC.

2. French’s Breckamore Blossom a very eye catching sable in super condition. Excels in bodylines, she has tremendous depth and spring of rib, excellent body and bone, reach of neck, she has a well filled foreface enough stop, unfortunately she could not make the most of herself as one of her ears became unsettled, therefore could not use her self to advantage.
3.Oakstelle Venus de Milo.

VB. 3. (1) Bentons Alopex Marionette of Oakstelle  A most beautiful  blue Merle
In her 10th year standing as an example of quality, she retains her beauty still with a very clean head with correct stop, flat skull moulded foreface a very sweet eye and expression, topped by such neat well placed ears,she has a swan like neck set in good shoulders retaining her elegance moved lithely round the ring, and enjoyed every moment of her exhibition. res CC.
2.RusselsManordeifi  Satin Doll.


Sandra M.Wigglesworth Judge