Championship Show
May 2009
Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs G Wilcock
Rough Collie Bitches - Mr I Brazier
Smooth Collies - Mrs P Sewell

BOB/BIS Ch Brooklynson from Rio (Rough Collie)
BPB/BPIS Brooklynson Joanna (Rough Collie)
RBIS Ch Black Gary La Dame Chere at Ingledene (Rough Collie)

Rough Collies
DCC Ch Brooklynson from Rio
RD CC Ladnar King Fisher 
BCC Ch Black Gary La Dame Chere at Ingledene,
RB CC Ladnar Maid Sweet

Rough Collie Dogs

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Sachenda Soldier of Fortune
2nd Chantique Van Hesling
3rd Ingledene All About Love

Puppy Dog
1st Cotswoldway Solomon's Gold
2nd Bluchip Skyes the Limit
3rd Aldreen the Great Pretender
Res Uffspring Utterly in my Soul over Barrenclough
VHC Aniesh Flynns Top Secret

Junior Dog
1st Ladnar Kingfisher
2nd Corydon Once in a Blue Moon
3rd Kiaminogue's Special Dream at Galdana
Res Aldreen the Great Pretender
VHC Aniesh Flynns Top Secret

Maiden Dog
1st Bluchip Skyes the Limit
2nd Chantique Van Helsing
3rd Takhisis Ebony Knight

Novice Dog
1st Bluchip Skyes the Limit
2nd Uffspring Utterly in my Soul Over Barrenclough
3rd Takhisis Ebony Knight
Res Wincani Spectral Blue

Graduate Dog
1st Boughlee Midnight Storm
2nd Myriehewe Reference Point
3rd Samhaven Fair Play for Clynelish
Res Flamin' Legend Darian with Wincani (Imp Rus)
VHC Rossavon Tuxedo with Dancol

Post Graduate Dog
1st Aqualita Midas Touch
2nd Lanrue Lewis Hamilton
3rd Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth
Res Samhaven Fair Play for Clyneish
VHC Lanlin Brackensthedaddy

Limit Dog
1st Birkmyre Toast Master
2nd Alondo Amaretto
3rd Aldreen the Jazz Singer
Res Boughlee Black Domino
VHC Glenbowdene Chain Reaction

Open Dog
1st Ch Brooklynson from Rio
2nd Ch Ingledene Late Nite Legend
3rd Ch Corydon Rio Grande
Res Myriehewe Galileo
VHC Aldreen the Jazz Singer

Rough Collie Bitches

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Ingledene Leather n Lace
2nd Corydon Made for Mejola
3rd Brilyn Platinum Lustre
Res Carristina Radiant Sunrise over Barrenclough
VHC Brylin Platinum Gift for Shasam

Puppy Bitch
1st Brooklynson Joanna
2nd Brylin Secret Summer
3rd Lynmack Dancing Angel
Res Salsina Softer than Satin at Birkmyre
VHC Seryphina Touch of Grace

Junior Bitch
1st Londer Lettie
2nd Ladner Mystic Maid
3rd Precious Charm at Atendus
Res Lanlin Carryonlivin
VHC Aldreen Now I'm here

Maiden Bitch
1st Londer Lettie
2nd Carristina Radiant Sunrise over Barranclough
3rd Lanlin Carry on Livin
Res Ladnar Kitty Foyle

Novice Bitch
1st Londer Lettie
2nd Ladnar Mystic Maid
3rd Uffspring Unchained Melody over Barranclough
Res Lanlin Carry on Livin
VJC Alcarro Chardonnay

Graduate Bitch
1st Samhaven Classical Music
2nd Geosan Treasure Box for Eximer
3rd Alcaro Chardonnay

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Samhaven Mystic Charm at Tremaro
2nd Ingledene Just One Nite
3rd Brylin Finesse
Res Alanita Sweet Jazzmine
VHC Eilroy Silver Locket with Aniesh

Limit Bitch
1st Corydon Margarita
2nd Rahlissa Cindy Oh Cindy
3rd Chantique Loopy Lou
Res Bluchip Secret Sky
VHC Aquilita Wychetta

Open Bitch
1st Ch Black Gary La Dame Chere at Ingledene (Imp Fin)
2nd Ch Ladnar Maid Sweet
3rd Hitparade Blu Di Cambriano
Res Sachenda Say it with Roses
VHC Emryks Ellie at Lingwell

Smooth Collies

DCC Sandcastle True Topic
RDCC Foxearth Following On
BCC/BOB Ch Foxearth Fondant
RBCC Manordeifi Silvardora